Duke Energy and Spire Energy: What the new generation of energy executives say about the world of energy

Enphase Energy, the nation’s largest power company, has signed a deal with the state of North Carolina to provide energy efficiency and renewable energy services to about 1,200 residential and business customers in the Tar Heel State.

Enphase said it will provide energy-efficiency, energy-saving and other services to nearly 2,000 customers, which includes those who pay the highest energy bills. 

The Duke Energy deal, which also includes a $1.5 billion commitment to build a solar power plant in the Charlotte area, comes after the company signed a partnership with the Duke Energy-owned solar and wind farm in West Virginia in 2015.

In 2018, Duke announced that it was going to expand its solar and geothermal program and would purchase 100 megawatts of geothermal energy from North Carolina-based company Chesapeake Energy.

Duke also said that it had purchased another 2,300 megawatts from Chesapeake.

In addition, Duke said it had also entered into a renewable energy agreement with SunPower. 

Duke Energy’s partnership with Chesapeake will allow the utility to provide a variety of energy services, including energy efficiency, energy conservation, and energy-efficient products, the company said in a news release. 

“Enphase Energy’s commitment to work with Chesauge Energy and SunPower and the partnership with Duke Energy will enable us to expand our portfolio of energy solutions to more than 1,000 residential and small business customers across North Carolina,” said Carol J. Jones, vice president for business development for Enphase. 

 The new Duke Energy partnership with Spire is part of the company’s push to get energy efficiency products into homes and businesses, the news release said. 

Spire will also offer customers an opportunity to purchase energy-savings products, such as insulation, insulation and storm windows, and solar panels, in an attempt to save energy, according to the release.

Spire, the largest energy customer in North Carolina, has about 1.2 million customers. 

In a news conference on Monday, Duke Energy Vice President for Energy Services, Steve Davis, said the Duke-Spire partnership was designed to provide both customers and the company with products that would help to reduce energy use and reduce energy bills and make energy-conserving purchases. 

Davis said that Duke Energy’s energy efficiency efforts are driven by the fact that many customers are using a lot of energy and that the company is making a conscious effort to make sure they are buying the right products to help achieve their energy goals. 

For example, he said, Enphase customers can buy products that help protect against heat stress by using heat-absorbing foam, insulation foam and other products that provide heat-loss protection. 

This year, the Duke solar plant will provide nearly 3,400 megawatts, the announcement said.

The Duke solar project also includes the installation of a wind turbine that will generate energy for about 300,000 homes. 

Meanwhile, Spire has signed an agreement with the North Carolina Department of Energy to develop a “smart grid” for its customers, the release said, which will help customers save energy and improve their energy efficiency. 

North Carolina’s renewable energy market is growing at a faster pace than other states, and the state has made major strides in meeting its energy goals in recent years, said Brian M. Cates, a senior vice president at the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

In 2017, the state had more than 2,400 gigawatts of renewable energy generation, according the North American Solar Energy Association, up from more than 900 gigawatts in 2017.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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