Australians have made history by voting ‘yes’ on independence

Australians have voted to secede from the Commonwealth.

In a historic vote, Australians voted “yes” to independence, which means the Commonwealth is no longer part of Australia.

The move comes on the heels of an emotional day of speeches, rallies and events around the nation.

The country has been split between pro-independence and pro-Australia groups, with some calling for the nation to leave the Commonwealth and others for it to remain.

As a result, a decision has been taken to re-examine the Commonwealth’s relationship with Australia.

In an unprecedented vote, the Australian people have made their decision on whether or not they want to remain a part of the Australian Commonwealth.

Today is the last day of the Commonwealth Parliament.

Today is the day of independence.

Australia has been divided into two countries, Australia and New Zealand.

New Zealand is a British colony that is officially recognised as a sovereign nation by the United Nations.

A vote on the future of the two countries has been underway since 2013.

The outcome is expected to be announced within the coming days.

The Australian government has said it is prepared to move ahead with a plebiscite on the question.

“We are committed to engaging with the Australian public on the issue of separation, so we are working hard on a plebeian approach,” the Australian government said in a statement.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has also spoken about his government’s desire to pursue a plebsis on separation, but the process is still being negotiated.

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