When is alani energy drinking legal?

After a lengthy delay, a bill that would allow people to legally drink energy drinks like Alani has been reintroduced in the Texas Legislature.

But the bill has its critics.

A spokesperson for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission told ABC News that the bill is not on the governor’s desk and is expected to be voted on at the state capitol in Austin.

The bill would allow adults 18 and older to drink drinks made with alanine, a form of creatine, or any other natural or artificial sweetener.

The bill also would allow children to consume energy drinks that are labeled as energy drinks.

It would also allow people 21 and older who drink alcohol to consume a drink made with either alcohol or natural or synthetic sweeteners.

The Texas Beverage Control Commission has not been able to determine the exact ingredients of the drinks that have been approved, nor can they say for sure if the drinks are in compliance with federal or state rules.

The legislation was first proposed in 2016.

It passed the Senate but never became law.

It was then reintroduced last year with the goal of passing again.

In 2018, the Texas House approved the bill with a majority vote.

But that chamber has yet to take up the bill in the Senate.

The Republican governor, Greg Abbott, has vetoed three bills in his tenure and the measure has yet at least one sponsor.

In the Senate, the measure passed a vote of 17-14.

But the bill stalled in the Democratic-controlled House after Republicans tried to use the process to overturn a redistricting reform that would have allowed more Democrats to win statewide office.

That’s because Republicans and Democrats on the committee that oversees the redistricting process are not allowed to work together on a bill to override redistricting in Texas.

The committee voted to kill the bill after Republican Sen. Steve Gaines and Democratic Sen. Donna Campbell argued it violated state law.

The House also rejected another measure that would expand the legal definition of alcohol to include beverages like alcohol, wine, or other fermented beverages.

The proposal failed on a party-line vote.

The Senate will vote on the bill this week.

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