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India to ban the sale of solar energy products

India’s government has announced plans to ban all solar products sold in the country, citing a potential link between the energy sector and the spread of diseases such as cancer.

The move comes after the National Solar Mission (NSM) in India was approved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, which announced on Friday that it had approved a total of 20,000 megawatts of solar projects.

This is roughly equivalent to the country’s total installed solar capacity.

The government’s decision will apply to all new and existing solar installations, including those in large cities.

The proposed ban applies to all solar energy systems, not just those with rooftop solar arrays.

It will apply only to those with more than five kilowatts of capacity, which is the maximum amount that can be installed on a residential rooftop.

In the case of solar products, the government says that it will impose strict penalties for the sale and use of products that are harmful to health.

The ban will also apply to any products that contain synthetic or other artificial ingredients.

The NSM is the first major policy statement from the Modi government since the country embarked on its first solar power programme in 2014.

Its aim was to promote renewable energy and cut pollution and greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2022.

India is expected to build more than a billion solar power projects in the coming years, which could increase its installed capacity by around 20GW, according to estimates.

The new rules are likely to be challenged in court.

A spokesman for the solar energy company, which runs the National Center for Power Storage and Renewable Energy (NCPRES) in Gujarat, told Quartz that it does not believe the ban will have an impact on the market, and that it has “no plans to comply.”

“The ban on solar energy will be effective immediately.

There will be no impact on our business,” the spokesman said.

India’s solar industry, which generates nearly 20% of its electricity, has been hit by a slew of challenges, including poor government and consumer policies that have not kept pace with technology advancements.

Many solar manufacturers have also been hit hard by falling production and prices.

India has been a leader in the development of solar power, with the country already producing around 25GW of solar capacity, according the latest official figures.

However, it has yet to come close to meeting its 2020 target of 100GW, which would bring its total installed capacity to more than 1GW.

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