When you think energy, think parsley

The idea of having a parsley energy supply is pretty futuristic.

According to energy analyst Mark J. Gudmundson, that’s because a new, low-cost technology called “parsing” is being developed by a startup called Parse.

Parsing is a method of energy storage that allows you to store energy in the form of a “pump” that you can fill with water or a “bump” of sand, to convert that energy into usable electricity.

Gudmunds company, Parsing Energy, was recently named a co-founder of the “Energy Innovation Accelerator” at the University of California, Berkeley.

Gadgetry’s Jason Bock, the company’s cofounder, explained the company was inspired by a recent solar project in California that produced electricity at zero cost.

“We saw this opportunity for energy storage and figured out a way to use the solar panels for electricity and then turn those solar panels into a pump that can convert that power into usable water,” Bock said.

“So, it turned out that we could do this in less than 30 days.”

Parsed energy is actually a relatively new technology, with its earliest commercialization in 2014, when Parsing purchased a small-scale solar plant in Northern California for $1.2 million, Bock explained.

But this time, Parsed was aiming to scale the project to a commercial scale, with the goal of becoming a leading energy storage provider.

“Our idea is to build the largest solar plant we can in the world,” Bocks said.

Pasage, which was founded in April 2015, has developed a system that uses “sand pumps” to store solar energy in liquid and in the electrolyte form.

By using the “sand pump,” the company can use the sand to create “liquid” water.

By pumping the liquid water into the sand pump, the sand is stored at the same temperature and pressure that the sand itself would be at if it were in the sand.

When the sand pumps are pumped into the electrolyzer, the liquid is converted into electricity and used for heat or electricity generation.

Bock and Parsed’s cofounders have built a prototype that can store 10,000 gallons of water, but Bock noted that the company is still in the early stages of developing the system that can handle even more.

“It is a lot of work and a lot more expensive than a traditional solar system, but the potential is there,” Bocked said.

While this new energy storage solution may sound futuristic, it has been used in other areas, such as in the U.S. military’s “nanowire” system, which uses water as a “source” for a magnetic charge that can be used to charge an electronic device.

“It’s a lot cheaper than having a diesel generator,” Bocking said.

According to Bock’s company, the “potential” for Parsed energy storage is similar to what’s happening with solar, with a future where there is an abundance of cheap solar panels.

“Parsers are also in the business of storing energy in natural gas, which is an abundant source of energy right now,” Boke said.

“The problem with natural gas is that it’s not as clean as solar or solar panels,” Bocker added.

“That’s a big deal in a climate change situation.

The technology to do that is there, but there’s no real money to be made in it yet.”

The Parse startup is looking to use this solar power to power its solar project, which will generate power using the company-developed technology.

The project is expected to be completed in the coming months.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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