What is energy supply? The Globe and Mail title How much of the world’s energy comes from renewables? The Post-Gazette headline “Energy independence will be the most challenging economic challenge of our generation” The Globe & Mail

“This will be a defining period in the history of humanity,” he told reporters.

“The challenges will be existential and they will require a new and bold strategy.”

Energy supply will be “the most challenging challenge of human history,” he said.

“And it will require the greatest possible amount of ingenuity and boldness.”

In a speech at a conference in the US, Mr Trump said the “time is now” to build the infrastructure to deliver energy to consumers and businesses.

“We are in an unprecedented energy crisis, with an energy surplus of 50 per cent, which is far greater than what we have had for 50 years,” he added.

“It’s a crisis of economic inequality and it’s a problem that is affecting all nations and all regions of the planet.”

The president added that the United States was the world leader in renewable energy.

“With our strong position in renewables, we have a huge advantage in our competitiveness,” he noted.

“This is the time to put America on a new course.

We will lead the world in clean energy and it will become the global leader in clean, clean energy.”

Mr Trump also told the audience that the world needs to invest in “the infrastructure” to deliver electricity.

“I will not ask you for trillions of dollars in foreign aid, I will not demand billions of dollars from Europe,” he asserted.

“But the time is now to invest trillions of our dollars in our infrastructure to ensure we can provide our people with clean, reliable energy.

It is not just our job to provide electricity, it is our job as a nation to provide our families with clean and reliable energy.”

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