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Energy experts are warning of a potential energy shortage in Southwestern Alberta after heavy snow fell across the province and the snowfall forced some companies to shut down.article In an email sent Thursday morning, the Alberta Energy Regulator said that energy companies were required to shut off equipment during heavy snowfall to prevent damage to equipment and other facilities.

“Due to the heavy snowstorm and its impact on the power grid, power has been shut off in some communities, including the communities of Southwestern Calgary, Southwestern Edmonton and Southwestern Fort McMurray,” the email said.

“The shutdowns will continue until we have more information.”

The email said some power lines have been damaged and are currently being replaced.

The Alberta Energy Program says the region will be seeing an average of 4.3 centimetres of snowfall in the coming weeks.

“This is going to be a very challenging season, we’re seeing a lot of snow, and there’s a lot that needs to be done in order to make sure that we have a lot more snow on the ground and that we can get the electricity system running,” said Bill Leduc, the program manager for the Alberta Department of Energy and Mines.

“If you’ve been following along with us, it’s not uncommon for the snow to fall in some areas and it may be hard to see if it’s going to stick because of the conditions, so we’re going to have to do everything we can to keep the grid operational.”

The province says the snow has caused damage to power lines, but there is no indication that the situation will be as bad as it was on Nov. 8.

The snowfall, which started Thursday afternoon, has already caused power outages in parts of South Edmonton and Fort McMura, the province’s capital city.

Power outages were also reported in other parts of the province on Friday morning, including Fort McMumbe, where about 5.6 million customers in the city of 6,000 residents are without power.

Power was also shut off across the Calgary area and in parts in southern Alberta, including parts of Lethbridge, the oil capital of Alberta.

In Fort McMure, the snowstorm also shut down a major transmission line, causing a power outage in parts around the city.

Some residents in the northern city of Edmonton are already dealing with power outAGES and problems with water.

Residents in Edmonton and Calgary were told to boil their water for at least 15 minutes before it was pumped back to the city, according to CBC News.

“It’s definitely been a lot tougher than people anticipated,” said John Reimert, a resident of the city where the outages are happening.

“We’ve had water running off our tap, but it’s good to have that water.

We’re definitely feeling the effect.”

In Fort McKay, the outage was also reported to have forced the closure of a large amount of gas and oil production facilities.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley said Thursday that Alberta Energy is working with other provincial agencies to address the snow storm and is providing support to businesses and the community in the affected areas.

“We’re going into the weekend really focused on making sure that the resources we have are available to us and we’re continuing to do what we can do to support the communities,” she said.

“That includes helping people make adjustments to their lifestyles, getting out of their homes and making sure they’re making sure their utilities are up and running.”

The snowstorm is expected to ease by Friday afternoon.

Stay up-to-date on the snow and weather in Alberta.

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