Natural Gas

What is Duke Energy’s Energy outage?

A utility in the US has declared a power outage for the city of New York after Duke Energy had its grid shut down because of an outage.

The utility company said it had restored power to more than 90,000 customers in the New York City area.

However, the outage is not due to the outage of the US grid, it says.

The outage affects more than 80% of customers in New York.

The outage affects New York as a whole and affects thousands of customers throughout the country, including parts of New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and New York State.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the outage has affected tens of thousands of people.

“As we have learned through our work with the state, we know the challenges that New Yorkers face when power is down, and our emergency response team is working closely with state and local authorities to support residents impacted by this natural disaster,” he said.

The New York Public Service Commission says the outage was caused by an “internal maintenance issue” on the New Jersey grid.

“The state has been working to restore power to our customers as quickly as possible,” the commission said in a statement.

“We are continuing to monitor this situation and are confident that all New Yorkers will be fully restored to their normal power consumption in about 45 minutes.”

New York City has been on edge since the hurricane hit.

New York has also been hit hard by flooding and power outages, but the power has mostly been restored.

The state is still looking for answers about the cause of the power outage.

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