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How to build an Ionization Energy Drink – How to Build a Puget Sound Energy Drink

The power to create an energy drink that is the ultimate in clean energy has been discovered by the scientists at

They claim that this new drink can produce up to 15% more energy than normal energy drinks, and is even more environmentally friendly.

This energy drink is made with pure, organic sugar, with no preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours or colours.

It’s 100% water-based, so you can drink it all day, anytime.

“This drink is based on pure sugar, it’s very sweet, it tastes fantastic and it contains no artificial colours or flavours,” explained Dr Peter Hildreth, Director of Product Development at

“We’re very excited about this drink because it has a very natural flavour, and it’s actually made from the very ingredients we’re looking for when designing our energy drink.”

The energy drink comes in a box of 6 and comes in four different flavours: mint, coconut, grapefruit and lemonade.

You can mix and match these flavours and add water or carbonation to make it even more drinkable.

“It’s a natural energy drink,” said Dr Hildroth.

“It tastes really good.

It tastes fantastic.

It is actually a great way to take a quick energy boost.”

You can find the PUGET sound energy drink at Pugsound, their online store, and on their website. will be selling the energy drink online and in-store on the day it hits the shelves.

“I really think it’s going to be something that’s going on the mainstream,” said one of the scientists involved in the study.

“The public is going to recognise that this is a great alternative energy drink for a lot of people.”

I think we’ll see it being sold in grocery stores, supermarkets and restaurants and in the pub.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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