What is Duke Energy?

The company’s main business is energy storage, but its biggest business is the thermal energy it can generate from coal and natural gas to power electric vehicles.

Its stock has climbed nearly 100% in the last year.

In December, Duke Energy said it was investing $1.6 billion in a project that could help power up to 200,000 electric cars by 2025.

Duke Energy has also been working to expand its energy storage capacity. 

In addition to thermal energy, Duke is also building an electric vehicle charging station in Florida and developing the electric car charging technology it used to power Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada. 

The company also announced plans to build a solar thermal plant in Florida that would use solar energy to generate heat and power its batteries. 

Duke Energy has been a major investor in clean energy technology since at least 2006, when it bought a stake in SolarCity, the largest solar panel installer in the country.

SolarCity was bought by General Electric in 2015. 

But since then, Duke has seen its share of setbacks.

In September, a series of leaks in a pipeline in Texas forced the company to shut down for six months. 

Last year, the company announced a massive fire in its Nevada storage plant that killed at least 50 people.

Duke also has been hit with lawsuits over alleged pollution from a project it was developing in the state.

Duke said it had found the source of the pollution, but a lawsuit filed in federal court in August alleged that Duke knew or should have known about the contamination and used “a deliberate and systemic disregard for public health” to conceal the extent of the problem.

“The company has acknowledged a failure to provide sufficient information about its pollution controls and that the company has taken corrective action, but has not remedied the harm caused,” the lawsuit stated. 

“While Duke has taken the necessary steps to correct the problem, the state of Nevada continues to seek a remedy through the courts,” the suit said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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