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How to make energy-conscious eating choices

When it comes to eating healthier, there are no easy shortcuts to becoming energy-saver.

Here are six easy-to-follow tips to make it work for you.


Use simple recipes for everyday ingredients and cook them in your own oven.

For example, a breakfast burrito made with fresh ingredients may have one of these tips: add cheese, avocado, onions and peppers, or a vegetable broth that includes carrots, potatoes, green beans and spinach.

A vegetarian version of the same burrito might have one or more of these: 1.

add beans, squash or corn, 2.

add veggies, 3.

add fruits, 4.

add spices, 5.

add coconut milk.

Use ingredients you already have in your pantry.

For instance, a burrito that has a few servings of vegetables and a few of the protein-rich ingredients like tofu or tempeh might have some of the following tips: 1, use less cream cheese, 2, use butter or coconut oil instead of margarine or butter, and 3, use lower sodium.


Buy more than one kind of protein-packed product.

If you are not sure which one to buy, ask a nutritionist.


Use fewer cooking oils, more oil-free or vegetable-based.


Use the freshest ingredients and recipes.

It’s best to make your own vegan-friendly burritos and to use local produce.


Avoid artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors and preservatives.


Use local or organic fruits and vegetables.

There’s no better way to make healthy eating choices than to eat what you love.

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