How to make the most of Duke Energy’s new energy transformation scheme

The Duke Energy scheme is a big deal.

It is a radical shift in energy markets.

It would change how we run our economy.

And it would be a game-changer for our planet.

It’s an opportunity to create more jobs and more wealth for everyone, and the new regime is based on the assumption that we will all need to move towards 100% renewable energy by 2050.

The scheme has been under way since 2011, and it’s one of the biggest ever to come out of the US, with a budget of $US9 billion.

It has also sparked some controversy, with critics saying it is a thinly veiled attack on renewable energy.

But the scheme is being billed as a game changer for the global energy sector.

It will give everyone access to a better deal in the energy sector and a better way to deliver energy to our homes, businesses and cities.

But there are a few things to bear in mind.


The idea that the government has a mandate to promote a new energy system has been a cornerstone of the green energy movement.

This has been one of its central themes since the 1970s, when the first green energy laws were enacted in the US and around the world.

In that era, energy was viewed as a commodity.

Governments were incentivised to set aside money for renewable energy projects.

As a result, the United States has the world’s highest renewable energy capacity.

In the UK, wind and solar power are already widely available.

The UK government, which is also the country with the most solar and wind capacity, has spent billions of pounds to get there.


Renewable energy has always been a dirty word.

It was once considered an expensive, dirty technology.

That has changed.

We’re now seeing renewable energy at a premium in some countries, especially in Europe.

A key reason for this is that the energy system needs to be as efficient as possible.

This means a system with high efficiency must also be cost-effective.

A system with low efficiency is also inefficient.

So when you look at renewables, the more efficient you are, the less money you have to invest to get that energy to market.

And the less you spend on renewables, more money you make.

That’s why it’s so important to get as much as possible out of renewables.

In fact, the government’s renewable energy scheme is expected to make a profit for the UK.

That means it will be profitable for the government.

And this will also have an impact on the UK’s climate targets.

In 2020, the UK government is aiming to meet its climate targets by 2050, but if the government manages to reduce emissions by 20% by 2030, it will still have to meet the 2020 targets.

The government hopes that by 2030 it will have a 30% reduction in emissions by 2050 and by 2060 it will need to reduce its emissions by 40% compared to 2020 levels.

This is a huge investment.


The green energy sector is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Renewables are now being used in more and more homes and businesses.

In 2019, about 80% of all new electricity generation came from renewables.

There are now more than 1,400 power generation plants in operation around the UK and Europe, with more than 2,000 more to come online in the future.

The sector is also expected to grow at a remarkable rate in the coming years.

In 2025, the total number of wind turbines in operation in the UK will reach more than 10,000, and they will be used in almost 2.5 million homes and buildings.

In 2024, the number of solar panels will be more than 60,000 and in 2020, solar photovoltaic will account for around 10% of UK generation.

The growth of renewables has also had an impact in other areas.

In 2015, renewable energy generated more than half of all UK electricity.

It made up 40% of the electricity produced in the capital city of London and a third of the generation that came from nuclear power.

It accounted for roughly 20% of electricity in the rural communities of the North East.

And in 2016, renewables contributed to a huge decline in carbon dioxide emissions by nearly two thirds, with the sector contributing almost two thirds of all the CO2 emitted in the world in 2016.


Renewers have already contributed to the carbon reduction agenda in the past.

They have built some of the world of the future, including a wind farm in Ireland and a new wind farm that is due to start generating electricity in Scotland.

Renewing is also a key driver for climate action in the EU.

Last year, the EU adopted a scheme that will help countries such as the UK to cut emissions by 25% by 2020, while the EU’s climate change strategy will be updated in 2020.

In 2017, the European Parliament approved a resolution on renewable sources of energy.

In 2018, the UN’s climate chief issued a statement calling on countries to get their renewable energy up to 20

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