How to charge your mobile device in the dark

How to take advantage of the night sky by using your mobile to charge the phone.

This article was written by Alex Jones of, and originally appeared on

You can follow him on Twitter at @alexjones.

Alex Jones is a licensed professional investigative journalist, author, broadcaster, and conspiracy theorist.

He is the founder of and is a regular contributor to the mainstream media.

He has written for numerous publications, including Breitbart, Newsmax, The Washington Post, Salon, Truthout, and the New York Times.

Alex is also a co-founder of the Infoward Truth Movement, a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing lies, deception, and manipulation in government and the corporate sector.

Infowards Truth Movement was formed in 2008 as an alternative media movement that seeks to expose the corporate propaganda that has corrupted the public consciousness and will be the foundation of a new paradigm of truth.

Alex’s research is the result of years of hard work and analysis.

Alex is an accomplished photographer who specializes in the study of ancient civilizations.

Alex studied at the University of Arizona in Tucson and completed his undergraduate degree in History at the College of the Holy Cross.

He received his Master’s Degree in Political Science from the University at Buffalo.

Alex has published articles on topics ranging from the history of the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati, and their involvement with the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to the JFK assassination and the cover-up.

Alex also has worked for the media as an investigative reporter for the Associated Press, the New Yorker, Fox News, CNN, and The Hill.

He also has authored multiple books on the Illuminati.

Alex lives in Arizona, where he enjoys spending time with his family, writing, traveling, and shooting.

He does not allow his children to take photos of him during these activities.

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