How to avoid a spill at your new brewery

Energy drinks have become a mainstay of the beer drinker’s diet.

But the buzz they generate has also caused a number of incidents, most recently with a spate of beer-related fatalities in the US.

Here are five things you need to know about how to avoid spills in the future.


Don’t use beer bottles as a spill prevention tool The UK’s Department of Health (DOH) advises that anyone in contact with alcohol should avoid using alcohol bottles as they could cause a spill.

This means keeping beer bottles clean, cleaning out spills and cleaning up after them, it adds.

However, if you are at a bar or pub and you notice any beer bottles or other large containers being used to pour beer, they are advised to clean them up with a cloth or paper towel, and should never be used as a potential spill prevention measure.

It is also advised to leave the bottle open while you are still drinking beer, or even in your hand.

This may save you from a spill if the bottles can be opened quickly and the contents can be collected.


Drink less beer The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has suggested that drinkers of beer should drink less to prevent a spill, because alcohol can react with the body’s protective systems to make people more vulnerable to a spill in the short term.

“People who are drinking a large amount of beer and who have had some alcohol consumption before the spill may be more susceptible to the effects of alcohol, especially if they have previous alcohol consumption and have consumed alcohol in the past,” Nice’s report reads.

“A small amount of alcohol in a small amount may be sufficient to cause a reaction, especially in the first few hours of drinking.”


Use a wash cloth to wash your hands The Clean and Safe Drinking Water Act 2009 states that all households should use a washcloth to wash their hands.

The act also provides that if you do not use a clean and sanitary washcloth, then the water should be used.


Avoid alcohols with a strong taste When it comes to alcohols, there are a number that are toxic and could cause harm to your health.

However there are also a number safe options for you to use if you’re concerned about your health, and you’re in the market for a new beer.

You can also check with your health provider before you start using alcohol.


Do not let your children drink in your car if you have children in the vehicle If you’re worried about your children drinking in your vehicle, or that they may get sick if they drink in there, it is important to avoid putting them in the car if they are in contact, or drinking in the vicinity, with alcohol.

This will protect them from any health problems that could arise from drinking in their car.

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