What is the United States Government’s new energy strategy? CNN

The U.S. government is working on a new energy plan, with the goal of cutting carbon emissions, increasing renewable energy, and helping people to access affordable energy.

The announcement came in a news release Thursday from the White House, which also announced the creation of the first energy savings group.

The group will be led by the White Senate Office of Energy and the Environment, according to the release.

The energy strategy is designed to meet President Donald Trump’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and energy costs by 30 percent by 2025.

The president has also said that he wants to create an alternative to fossil fuels, with a goal of eliminating coal-fired power plants by 2035.

The White House announcement did not include specific details about how much money would be allocated to the new group.

But the group will work to “strengthen the United Nations’ global climate action agenda,” the release said.

“The United States remains the world leader in energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy,” the news release said, adding that it was “understood that a more balanced and innovative energy plan is required to drive cleaner, greener economies.”

The announcement comes just weeks after the president said he was in favor of a carbon tax, and earlier this year, he told reporters that he is “open to” the idea of a cap-and-trade program.

The new energy policy will also include more than $500 billion in tax cuts over the next decade.

It will help the United Kingdom’s economy by $20 billion, and will help India reach a goal to be the world’s largest economy by 2020.

The move is likely to fuel skepticism about the effectiveness of Trump’s plans, and potentially push some Americans to choose between the clean-energy plans of the U.K. and India.

India, which has a huge population and abundant renewable energy resources, has been struggling with low energy prices, while U.A.E. countries like India, China, and the U,S., have seen carbon emissions plummet as global demand for energy has risen.

In the last year, India has reduced its carbon emissions by 26 percent, according the UN’s climate change panel, while China has slashed its emissions by 32 percent.

The U.,S., is currently the world leaders in both carbon emissions as well as renewable energy.

In November, the U.,A.S., and China announced a $15 billion agreement to reduce emissions from coal-powered power plants and boost the use of renewables.

China also announced a new plan to reduce carbon emissions to 5 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

In March, the Obama administration announced the U’s plan to tackle climate change.

In January, the administration announced $400 million to support the development of clean energy.

“As the world transitions from fossil fuels to clean energy, the United State must lead in the global fight against climate change,” said a statement from the U-S.

Department of Energy, which oversees the U Energy portfolio.

“This new group will help guide the administration’s efforts to achieve this goal, and to make sure the United Sates commitment to climate change is seen and felt around the world.”

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