The world’s most famous ‘giant’ asteroid has been hit by a meteorite BBC News

This week, the giant asteroid that astronomers have nicknamed ‘The Comet C/2013 N1’ was discovered by a US team of researchers in the US state of Washington, US.

The US team announced on Friday that they had made the discovery in the town of Cushing, which is about 100 kilometres (60 miles) west of Seattle, Washington.

“We know this asteroid as the most powerful asteroid in the solar system,” said NASA’s director of planetary science, Tom Klotzbach.

“It is about 500 metres (1,500 feet) in diameter.

Its orbit is about 12.5 hours.”

Astronomers used the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory to take the measurements of the asteroid as it was travelling through space.

This is a composite of images taken from a telescope at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory in Hawaii.

It is the first time that astronomers had been able to measure the distance between two asteroids with the same instrument.

Astronomers say that the asteroid was travelling at about 80 kilometres per second (50 miles per second).

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took pictures of the meteorite in June, and the first images of the newly discovered asteroid appeared in August.

The meteorite was so large that it shattered several windows in the windows of a hotel room.

The size of the impactor meant that the meteor was ejected from the asteroid into space, which can occur when an asteroid passes through the atmosphere.

“This meteorite is so large, and it’s ejected into space so fast, that we have never seen anything like it before,” Klotzebach told AFP news agency.

“I don’t think we’ve seen anything before.”

The asteroid has already been found to contain an estimated 1,500 metric tonnes (2,200 tonnes) of iron-rich material, and scientists estimate that it may contain as much as 20% more iron.

But the scientists warn that the amount of material that can be found in the meteorites is still far less than the amount in rocks from other bodies in the Solar System.

The asteroid will now be taken to the Moon for analysis, and then the asteroid will be returned to Earth to be studied again by scientists.

The space agency plans to return the asteroid to Earth on November 28, 2021.

The name of the planet where the asteroid landed is not known, but it is thought that the object fell in the constellation of Orion.

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